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Sithusade food products founded by Mrs. K.G.D.S KAHATAKOTUWA. Is a trusted brand name for Sri Lanka traditional sweets.

Our Main Products 


Aasmi is a famous Sri Lankan sweet made with a combination of rice flour, coconut milk, okra juice, sugar, and water. Once made, the batter is fried into thin strings which are overlapped. Before serving, aasmi is typically drizzled with sugar syrup, then left to set.


Athirasa is a traditional Sri Lankan sweet made with a combination of rice flour, roasted rice, coconut treacle, coconut oil, and cardamom. The ingredients are formed into a stiff paste that is flattened into circles, then deep-fried in hot oil.


In its basic form, this traditional Sri Lankan dessert combines toasted rice flour, sugar syrup, ground cashew nuts, and spices such as cardamom or cloves, while some versions replace sugar with treacle (molasses) and cashews with mung beans or other types of nuts.

Undu Walalu/Undu Wal or Pani Walalu

Urad bean flour and kithul treacle

Other sweet products 

  • Aggala
  • Halapa
  • Kokis ..


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