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Web Design Kandy(adlanka Digital) is a leading web development company based in sri Lanka, offering all kinds of custom built websites, web portals,Digital Marketing,web applications and all web Related Service.We use cutting edge technologies, advanced frameworks and proven methodologies to ensure that our solutions are future-ready and scalable. Please Call 0777186226 - 0710154355 - 0812232432 Our Interface Services      Web Design UI Design Mobile UI Design Landing Page Design (google map,google,facebook,youtube, and more ) Our Digital Marketing Services Inbound Marketing SEO SEM & PPC Social Media Optimization Analytics Consultation Online Reputation Management Content Marketing Email Marketing

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Savory Food Product Company is a well known company in Mawanella and nearby areas.The company launched in 2019. Owned by Mr. Ranapana. We started as a small business and now has grown into what it is today. The main product here is Noodles. Produced in 500g and 5kg quantities as required by the market today, all the work is done in a very clean and hygienic manner.   Savory Food  Product  සමාගම Kegalle , Mawanella ,  Edaduwawa, B 2/13, පිහිටා ඇත. 2019 දී ආරම්භ කරණ ලදී. හිමිකාරිත්වය Ranapana මහතාය. ඉතාමත් කුඩාවට ආරම්භකළ මෙම ව්‍යාපාරය අද ඉතා දියුනු තත්වයකට පත්ව ඇත...

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Chami Plants Nursery is the best leading plant nursery located in  Kandy and nearby areas.This was started 10 years ago by Mr. R M P B Rathnayaka. He has received the theoretical and practical training required for this business. චාමි පැල තවාන මහනුවර පිළවල ප්‍රදේශයේ පිහිටා ඇත. මෙය වසර 10කට පෙර රත්නායක මහතා  ආරම්භ කලේය. මෙම ව්‍යාපාරයට අවශ්‍ය න්‍යාත්මක සහ ප්‍රයෝගික පුහුනුව ඔහු ලබා ඇත. ඔහුගේ කැපවිම සහ උනන්දුව මත ඉතා දියුනු  තත්වයට පත්ව ඇත. නව බීජ සහ පැළ වර්ග නිෂ්පාදනය කිරීමත් ,දේශීය විදේශීය මල්පැල, එලවළු පැල , පළතුරු පැල සහ ගෙවතු අලංකරණ සියලුම උපකරණ  සහ පොහොර වර්ග, ටයිටේනියම් මැටි භාණ්ඩ මෙහිදී...

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  Didula Distribution is a well known cement distributors in Pilimatalawa, Kandy and nearby areas.Didula Distribution (Pvt) Ltd started in 2015. 2017 A company settled in Leslia. The owner of the company is Mr Lakshitha Manamperi. Didula Distribution (Pvt) Ltd is the largest cement distributor in the Central Province.   Didula Distribution (Pvt) Ltd නුවර ,පිලිමතලාවේ පිහිටා ඇත.Didula Distribution (Pvt) Ltd ආරම්භය 2015 දී . 2017සමාගමක් ලෙස ලියාපදිංචිවිය.  සමාගමේ හිමිකරු ලක්ෂිත මනම්පේරි මහතාය. මධ්‍යම පලාතේ සිමෙන්ති බෙදාහැරිමේ සමාගම් අතර  විශාලතම සිමෙන්ති බෙදාහැරීමේ සමාගමක් වශයෙන් Didula Distribution (Pvt) Ltd නමක් දරා ඇත . Distribution Areas Kalugamuwa, Hindagala,Gannoruwa,Kadugannawa, Pilimatalawa, Galaha, Delthota, Poththapitiya,...

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We are exclusive dealers for Stainless steel products in Kandy and nearby areas. We have a wide range of products and these are available in various sizes and finishes. We manufacture a wide variety of stainless steel products that is developed using superior quality stainless steel procured from quality vendors. We provide customization on our range as per the specification of the client. Zest for knowledge and the ability to go the extra mile has always been our plus points, giving us the cutting edge in this highly dynamic business environment.   Our Products Kitchen Items Coolers Hotel Equipment   Our Branches...

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Bandara Pantry Cupboard is a well-known pantry cupboard manufacturer in Menikhinna and nearby areas. This is a foremost organization involved in manufacturing and supplying an extensive and inclusive collection of Pantry Cupboards. The product range offered by us consists of pantries designed by using the finest grade material and contemporary tools. For the purpose of meeting the precise needs of our customers, we offer these modular pantries in various sizes and designs. We have an expert team to support us.   Contact Us: 077-7073351 076-5421918 076-1773551 #

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N T I Engineering and Construction is the best leading Company in Kandy and nearby areas, Every successful project begins with great construction plans. N T I Constructions the devoted team of techno crafts with more than 10 years of experience, comprising with exceptional negotiating skills and other decades of experience in the field backed by market knowledge stands fully equipped to address your property needs. Whether you are thinking of a commercial complex, apartment, custom luxury home design, whole house renovation, or a second story addition, or even if you already have construction plans, we are uniquely positioned and...

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Blue Star Phone Shop is a well-known mobile Phone shop in Katugastota and nearby areas, New Mobile Solutions, is a phone repairing shop and multi-brand mobile chain retailer and wholesaler in Katugastota.  We are offering some of the best prices and a completely hassle-free experience. Can reload and pay your bills at here. We constantly work hard to maintain our standards,...   Our Services,   ♦ All kind of bill payments ♦ All kind of Mobile Phones and SIM cards ♦ All kind of Mobile repairs ♦ Tempered Glasses and Back covers ♦ All kind of phone accessories    Contact ...

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Kandy BookShop is the best store with the best books and school equipments in Kandy and nearby areas, Kandy BookShop strives for customer focused, quality printing services. Working across industries and companies from SMB to large corporate companies, Kandy book shop aims to create value for the customer with trained and motivated house staff.     Contact   077-5508058 076-6564162 081-2232675#

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Sampath Tyre Works is the best Tyre shop in Menikhinna and nearby areas, And the best tyre manufacturing unit situated in Menikhinna. This is an upcoming and emerging tyre manufacturing company in Sri Lanka. The company produces various sizes with innovative designs and patterns. Sampath Tyre Works is committed to directing every aspect of its business in a responsible manner. This includes delivering increasingly efficient solutions to meet the expectations and aspirations of customers and society at large. Its emphasis on preserving the natural environment while achieving economically sound operations.   Contact   071 3090107 077 1311210#

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