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Posted 1 week ago by Hansani Dayarathne

Samsuna Grinding is leading  chili & spices Manufacturers in kandy aria we are Manufacture a  all kind of spices and The grinding of solid materials occurs through mechanical forces that break up the structure by overcoming the interior bonding forces. After the grinding the state of the solid is changed: the grain size   +94 76 253 7719 +94 76 253 7719 #       .

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Posted 3 weeks ago by Nuwan

six way catering kandy is a most popular catering service in kandy and central province in sri lanka, Six Way Catering launches in 2015,It is owned by Sarath Debehapuwa.He has 45 years of experience as a chef. # Perera &sons  co: Executive Chef # Swiss Residence Hotel # Tree of Life Hotel # Rome Cavalieri Hotel Italy # Colombo Hilton Hotel # Seikatsunoki (Sitamaken) Hotel     Japan # GSSAL ( USA Catering     Services)  Saudi Arabia You can get the service under the supervision of Mr. Sarath, who has experience as a chef in many of the world's...

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Posted 2 months ago by sadithya medavi

shakthi products is a traditional food manufacturer in sri lanka. With the rise of the healthy, organic and vegan diet patterns among global consumers Sri Lankan processed food manufacturers are combining innovative food processing methods with highly nutritious traditional local ingredients to prepare food and beverage products that are high in taste and goodness. In place of the customary processed food products that are high in sugar, salt and fat, Sri Lankan processed food and beverages are mainly based on natural fruits, vegetables, and cereals like rice and millet that are naturally gluten-free       #   Facebook   ...

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Posted 2 months ago by sadithya medavi

Noori Confectionary Products is one of the best Sri Lankan confectionery products manufacturers & suppliers mainly produce and export in  Sri Lankan .  we have made a name among those who have a taste. we are the best Confectionery Products in sri lanka .         #

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Posted 2 months ago by sadithya medavi

We at SAVIRU NATURALS brings you the best of Sri Lankan spices and other natural products. We take pride in using the best technologies and facilities to process our products. Our products are guaranteed to be the most hygienic and the freshest.     #

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Posted 2 months ago by Amila Wijesinghe

Sithusade food products founded by Mrs. K.G.D.S KAHATAKOTUWA. Is a trusted brand name for Sri Lanka traditional sweets. Our Main Products  Aasmi Aasmi is a famous Sri Lankan sweet made with a combination of rice flour, coconut milk, okra juice, sugar, and water. Once made, the batter is fried into thin strings which are overlapped. Before serving, aasmi is typically drizzled with sugar syrup, then left to set. Athirasa Athirasa is a traditional Sri Lankan sweet made with a combination of rice flour, roasted rice, coconut treacle, coconut oil, and cardamom. The ingredients are formed into a stiff paste that...

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Posted 2 months ago by Amila Wijesinghe

Praboda food products is a most popular spice manufacturer in kandy district,We are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of spice products over for ten years. As the reputation continuously,we are is a fully owned Proboda Foods kandy  and one of the largest and leading spices manufacturer in Sri Lanka fulfilling the demand of local and foreign citizens of all classes. our Foods has been the domestic market leader with the major market share and has expanded the horizon to prospect's a  in the international market through exports. Spice and other sri lankan food products manufacturer since  Year 2011. our products...

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Posted 3 months ago by Nuwan

Sharmila Food Products is a Indian Sweet and herbal tea manufacturer in kandy,We are a reputed name in premium quality Indian sweets perhaps the best that has won hearts of millions around the globe.we worked hard to offer our clientele best quality products wrapped in traditional cordiality. Thusto day we possess the reputation of being one of leading Rasgulla manufacturer in Sri Lanka   *Indian Sweet*  Rasgulla, Gulabjamun, Rajbhog, Chum-Chum, Sohan Papadi & Petha. With changing baking methods and processes,  *Other Products* Jelly Yogurt *Herble tea* Diabetes tea Fat burning tea Power boosting tea    PHONE  0769432037 #

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