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Posted 1 week ago by Hansani Dayarathne

Kandy Porcelain Center is most popular Porcelain Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Porcelain in Kandy aria. kandy porcelain center is Launched 2010. One of the best porcelain product marketing showrooms in Sri Lanka. You can buy all the porcelain products you need here. There is a reasonable price. Also available wholesale and retail. The new product and new design are kept in the showroom.  Products from Noritake, Dankotuwa, and Royal Fernwood are available here. You can buy products especially for hotels.  You can buy glassware and household appliances. In addition, you can print porcelain according to your needs. +94 77...

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Posted 4 weeks ago by Hansani Dayarathne

New cushion work kandy is a popular sofa manufacturer in kandy area, Mr Anuruddha Ranaweera is the owner of the new cushion work company.  He has received local and foreign training in various professions.  He started the business in 2013 and has become a good entrepreneur today.  His designs fit in well with the present.  The market is in great demand. Among the new products in the business,  + Sofa  + Front Cabinets  + Wall decoration  + Cushion work  + Aluminum work  + Iron roof  + All wood, aluminum, iron work +94 (77) 437 7756 +94 (75) 587 6751 #

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Oshadi wall Decoration among the leading make of wall decorations and art  in sri lanka since 2018. Our collection includes more than 1000+ designs and themes to choose from categorized into 3 ranges premium, economical and low priced that give your walls a true aesthetic and vibrant look. Sourced from globally renowned manufacturers across sri lanka,and all over the world , we offer the latest International Fashions in Wall coverings. We offer 1000 + designs and themes in more than 78 cities and operate with more than 50 dealer network #

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