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Furni Dynamic Engineering is the best leading Construction Company in Pilimathalawa and nearby areas.We aspire to be the recognized leader in the construction industry.We strive always to provide the highest value to our owners, customers, and community with a critical eye towards safety, quality, and service. We are committed to client satisfaction through excellent performance and are  to investigating new products and procedures to ensure we stay on top of advancing technology, growth within our industry, and changing needs of our clients. We have worked with some leading architects and have constructed landmark building in the city. As we continued...

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Lucky Curtains is a leading company of wide range of door Curtains & Sofa Materials, Curtain Striching, Scalap & Cushion Cover, Readymade curtains, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Curtain Rod & Accessories in Akurana and nearby areas. Our Curtains always exhibit the excellence in terms of quality and innovation. Our range includes a selection of different fabrics and linings which we can combine to create a set of made to measure curtains which are unique to you. Our range can be adapted to suit any room within your home and we even incorporate blackout lining material which is ideal for any...

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Shyam Fabrication is the best leading Aluminium Fabrication in Menikhinna and nearby areas. Since the beginning of our journey, we have been striving every day to provide clients with highly innovative solutions. Customers find our range exceptional in terms of the quality of products.As people are highly impressed by features of our products as well as reasonable prices they are offered at. In addition to this, after associating with us customers get the best business experience ever which convince them that we are a manufacturer pleasure to associate with. We want to prove that we are the best by not...

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Saheed's Handyman Service is the best leading Home Improvement &Home Based Repair in Kandy and nearby areas.We are fully equipped to provide personal home improvement consultant and a trusted, knowledgeable service established for the first time in Kandy and its suburbs making it the pioneer in the area of the industry. Our experienced, professional home repair and improvement technicians are skilled craftsmen with an average of 10 years of experience in the trades. Our quality workmanship is guaranteed. Your job would be completed on the approval of our Quotation on prior appointment. We’ve always believed in offering more to our...

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New Ranga Auto Spa is the best leading service station in Gurudeniya and nearby areas. We are the professional car care portal providing professional service at your doorstep, complete exterior and interior cleaning, car polish, decorative works and many more. we manage the services end to end with economical price and 100% quality services to make you happy and 100% satisfied. We use the latest equipment and technology to pamper your car through our well trained experts we ensure the best solutions and services for your automobile.e also have several packages to suit your needs. Give us the opportunity to...

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Kalyani Modern Homes is the best leading furniture shop in Rikillagaskada and nearby areas.We are determined to deliver best-in-class quality, coming up with in-trend-and-beyond designs.Customer satisfaction is our main focus, which is the basis of our customization services. We take our contribution to the community seriously and believe in delivering more than what we take. We offers a wide range of affordable  products including cots, wardrobes, dressing tables, sofas, dining sets, wall units, TV trolleys, computer tables and office furniture,electronics items, mobile phones etc:   Contact Us: 081-2365036 071-5292356 077-7211636 #

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Salon Nilu & Nilame Mandapaya is the best leading Beauty Salon and Traditional dress provider in Rikillagaskada and nearby areas.we are a team of focused, passionate and engaging individuals who come together for a common goal of giving the best service to each customer . Our fundamental belief is that each customer is special and we work hard to make each one feel that before they walk out of our salon.We are a premium service brand with a range of cutting edge beauty products which are used in the salon and retailed to our customers.Our Team consists of highly trained &hospitable...

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Kandy Wedding Center is the best leading Wedding Planner in Tennekumbura and nearby areas.We are wedding planning company that would cater to any and every planning need of yours and create beautiful experiences for you and all of your guests where you would be able to forge happy and everlasting memories while cherishing them for life. Our attention to the event the minute details while having a creative flair of creating bespoke experiences, we can surely make your wedding your dream one, which you always hoped for. We would plan your big day as per your direction and will be...

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CVH Garden Cafe is a well-known Restaurant in Kandy and nearby areas.Our menu will appeal to a wide and varied clientele as we have reinvented for today’s more sophisticated discerning palate. We offer high dining experience for a reasonable price. We offers a unique lunch or dining experience for locals and foreigners alike.Our food is always fresh and hygienic,made from the highest quality ingredients, and always delicious! Our employees have been our strength and are well taken care of, and they make it their aim to provide the best possible food to our customers. All this has helped us in...

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Dun Engineers is the best leading Stainless Steel Fabricators in Gurudeniya and nearby areas. We have experienced consistent growth, reflecting our customer satisfaction with proven products and services. Whether your requirements are for stainless steel fabrication or MS or aluminium, you can expect only the best. The combination of a friendly, professional service and the ability to meet tight delivery times has helped us to build up a large customer base.We have done numerous Stainless Steel Fabrication and railing Works that have been done based on the clients’ specification at affordable rates.   We direct all our activities to cater...

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